Department of Computer Science at Haverford College Schedule

Fall 2020 (on-line mostly)

  • Principles of Computer Organization (cs240) with Dave Wonnacott
  • Senior Thesis Advising (cs399)

Spring 2020 (on leave)

Fall 2019

  • Principles of Computer Organization (cs240)
  • Senior Thesis (cs399) advising five students

Spring 2019

  • Data Structures (cs106)
  • Concurrency and Co-Design (cs356)

Fall 2018

  • Introduction to Computer Science (cs105)
  • Principles of Computer Organization (cs240)

Other Classes Taught at Haverford College

  • The World of Computing (cs100)
  • Fluency with Information Technology (cs101)
  • Topics in Programming: Social Inquiry (cs104)
  • Human-Computer Interaction (cs215)
  • Principles of Programming Languages (cs245)
  • High-Performance Scientific Computing (cs287)
  • Theory of Computation (cs345)
  • Software Development for Accessibility (cs392)
  • Senior Thesis (cs399)