Getting the news …

I find that I spend my time overwhelmed with information, and have been looking to filter signal from noise — you?

The high road includes things like PBS NewsHour, NPR, BBC World, Al Jazerra America, NYTimes, Washington Post, LA Times (I’ll miss a few I’m sure), and  avoiding/minimizing CNN, MSNBC, Fox, broadcast news, even local news (OK, I admit I watch Fox sometimes just to get the jokes on the Colbert Report).  I try to stay on the high road as much as I can, since it appears from one study at Fairleigh Dickinson University that the source matters to some degree.

For more in depth, I like Frontline, and more recently Vice.  I was suspect of the latter, expecting sensationalized stories of the obscure given it is on HBO, but the first two episodes from this year had surprisingly good coverage of important stories that are off the radar.

However, I think we really need some place for prioritizing, what’s the most important thing to watch — yes, yes, I realize this is relative to who, where and when, but perhaps we can include some type of guidance.  And, yes, this is often implied in the source of the news, or the comments, but I know I would appreciate (and support) honest assessment from the source itself.  Problem is, where’s the revenue?

Also, in the short term I admit I use TDS, Colbert and even Real Time to help with analysis and prioritizing — sad but true.

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